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In addition to Photonics, Alan has played a number of roles in his community. He has been a president of the Ohio Valley Chapter of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers: a national professional association of photographers with disciplines in advertising, editorial, corporate, and education), has been an officer of and on the board of the Art Directors Club of Cincinnati, served on the Advisory Board of Images*Images, a non-profit center for photography and is past president of one of the first commercial art users group in Cincinnati, the Digital Artists Working Group of Cincinnati, served on the Board of Trustees of Congregation Beth Adam as a Board member, vice president and president, has been active in the Boy Scouts of America (for most of his life), and has been a photo instructor for Forest Hills Community Education. He has served as a Facilitator for Roundtable #6 of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce CEO Roundtables, has been a co-chair of Partnership 2gether (a committee of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati that manages the relationship with their partner city, Netanya, Israel), and has been on the Board of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati. Alan currently serves as vice-president of the Board of the Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati and heads their Marketing Committee.

Alan’s business skills and knowledge of technology as it relates to design have enabled him to act as a business mentor in the International Executive Service Corps, a “Peace Corps” for businesses in newly emerging free market economies around the world. Specifically, he, a few years ago, worked with an advertising agency/photography/design studio in Kharkiv, Ukraine.   He also completed another volunteer assignment in Yerevan, Armenia working with 3.ADA, a young computer animation studio offering 3d animations for TV.

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Alan's Images

Alan's Images